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Delivering Clean Where it Matters Most

No matter the industry, we find safe, sustainable and easy-to-implement
solutions for creating cleaner and healthier environments. From the lab
where we study emerging pathogens to the restaurants, hotels, and
hospitals we eat, stay, work and heal, Ecolab brings comprehensive,
science-based solutions to promote good hygiene in our
customers’ operations.

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Ecolab Science Certified™ Program​

Ecolab Science Certified is a comprehensive, science-based public health and food safety program designed to help give your employees and customers safe confidence that your operations are committed to the highest cleaning and disinfecting practices.

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Hand Hygiene

Clean hands are safe hands. Learn more about our hand hygiene programs and approach.

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Hygiene and Infection Prevention

Programs and solutions that help keep operating rooms and patient rooms clean and prevent the spread of HAIs.

End-to-End Hygiene and Decontamination

Solutions and expertise for cleanrooms, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and personal care cosmetics industries.

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Emerging Pathogens and Microbial Risks

The germs that cause illness and disease are constantly evolving. Our work to study emerging pathogens helps our customers prepare and respond when issues arise.

By 2030, we aim to help clean 90 billion hands and provide safe medical care for 116 million people each year, preventing more than 1.7 million infections.

60 billion

hands cleaned to reduce
1.8 million infections

15 million

patient rooms

2.8 billion

surgical instruments

1 billion

clean hotel rooms with 
Ecolab products

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Our Expertise in Action

Healthy Partnerships Creating Clean with Our Customers

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Microbial Risks

Whether you need detailed information about specific organisms of concern, cleaning product advice, or tips for increasing food safety and preventing infection in your facility, we are your trusted source.

COVID-19 Resources

Ecolab is here to help share our expertise about COVID-19. We can help determine which disinfectant products, cleaning guidelines and action plans best fit your business.

Healthcare Clinical Resources

Clinical Literature and Resources

From guidelines and recommendations, to relevant studies, publications and Heathcare surface compatibility, this resource area is designed to help support best practices in infection prevention.